The McKenzie Noelle Wilson Foundation



“A little consideration,
A little thought for others,
Makes all the difference.”
-Eeyore, Winnie the Pooh

Our Past:
McKenzie’s Academic Resource Center (MARC) was created to provide free academic programs to students in Jacksonville communities to help them recognize their full potential. In September 2011, the first MARC opened its doors in Portside Community. We continue to be amazed as both discipline referrals and grade retention rates decrease in this community day by day. Just one year later, we were excited to open our second MARC in 2012 in Countryside community. To read a personal story of how one fourth grader was inspired by McKenzie’s positive spirit at MARC,read here.

Our Present:
Between our Portside and Countryside locations, we currently serve more than 300 kids. Here are 4 ways we help people grow and reach their full potential:
• By mentoring elementary, middle, and high school age students
• By providing early learning programs for young children
• By engaging teens in developmental programs
• By offering English and Family programs for adults

Our Future:
We need YOU to help us make a difference in a child’s life.
You can volunteer your TIME as a mentor by signing up online at McKenzie Gives. You can also volunteer your RESOURCES by helping provide for our students and donating something from our Wish List or participating in our annual Back to School Supply Drive.

For more information, you can reach us at : 904-992-5830 or

Challenge: Volunteer and Make a Difference!

“MARC is my second home.
Thank you to the Wilson Family for
making this place ‘come to life.’
And to McKenzie,
the beautiful young girl who changed my view on a lot of things.
Hearing how kind-hearted she was really helped how I looked at people.
I used to think two people who are different could never get along.
But hearing she was kind to EVERYONE,
I began to talk to a variety of different people.”
-Decshonia, MARC child