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Random Acts of Kindness

We want to see the world change. And that change begins with YOU. Random Acts of Kindness is a movement we’ve created to encourage people to be kind to others. To join us in spreading kindness, here are 10 ideas to get started:

1. Smile at the kids you pass by on the way to school.
2. Offer to do the dishes so your mom can take a break.
3. Help your little brother study for the science test he’s so worried about.
4. When you see a stranger drop their things in a store, be the first to help them pick it all up.
5. Ask your neighbor if you can mow their lawn for them.
6. Help an elderly neighbor shop for groceries.
7. Donate your old books and toys to a local center for kids.
8. Offer an extra pencil to your classmate when they forget theirs.
9. Let your older sister pick the movie for the night instead of arguing for the remote.
10. Compliment a friend with a letter of kind words.
Once your act of kindness is complete, be sure to give that person—your parent, sibling, friend, or neighbor—a Random Act of Kindness card. This way, they’ll be encouraged to “pass it on” and keep spreading kindness!

Feel free to print out random acts of kindness cards right now from your printer at home!

For more information, you can reach us at

Challenge: Be Kind and “Pass it On!”


We’re counting on the generosity of people like YOU to help us continue to support young people in recognizing their full potential.

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We need YOU to help us make a difference in a child’s life. You can volunteer your TIME as a mentor by signing up online at McKenzie Gives. Volunteers needed from ages 13 and up!


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